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Women's Health Physio

At Physio Pilates Style, our highly experienced team with post graduate qualifications in women's health have been providing the best evidence-based treatment and advice to women during their pregnancy and beyond since 2004. This allows our skilled physiotherapists to assist all of our female clients with their needs, whether it's lower back or pelvic pain, pelvic dysfunction, bladder or bowel issues, pregnancy or post partum issues or pelvic floor problems – our therapists are here to assist every woman who walks through our doors. Our female clients always feel comfortable while speaking with our understanding and non-judgemental physios in a calm and safe environment.

Our qualified staff are skilled in women’s health physio, they listen well to understand each client’s needs, provide education regarding these needs, while also creating detailed programs to specifically address their clients’ goals. Following our individual consultations our clients can choose to continue their home exercise programme at home, with regular follow up sessions, or join our small group programme. We have found that our physio supervised small groups classes help provide motivation and support along a journey that can be lonely and long. We also find that clients connect well with others in the class, which ultimately encourages them to continue following their exercise plan.

It’s important to note also, that Pilates Physio doesn’t just improve the physical capabilities of a body, it also enhances the feeling of well-being. We have as strong focus on teaching clients to breath well as they move. “No other movement can be normalised if your breathing is not”. Breathing and posture have been found to influence each other and both should be natural and effortless. Breathing well reduces muscles tension and calms the whole system.

From evidence-based research, it’s been found that exercise can not only enhance the physical body but also lower stress, ease the mind and help with sleep. For all women, no matter if they work in the office or if they’re home with the kids, life can get crazy. That’s why we’re here to assist you in every way we can to offer relaxation and pain relief.

At Pilates Physio Style, our women’s health physios can help provide quality care for:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Pelvis and hip pain
  • Pelvic floor problems
  • Pre-natal and post-natal issues
  • Core and spinal strengthening
  • Optimising posture
  • Abdominal separation

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