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Cancer: Rehabilitation Benefits

Exercise is a safe and effective evidence-based intervention to counter the adverse physical and physiological effects of cancer and its treatment.

Specifically, exercise can:

  • reduce treatment related side effects
  • lowers the relative risk of cancer recurrence
  • lowers the relative risk of cancer-related mortality
  • increase energy levels and physical stamina for a faster recovery
  • improve sleep and reduce fatigue
  • increase your muscle and bone strength
  • ease pain and muscular tension
  • prevent the formation of scar tissue
  • regain strength, flexibility and confidence in your body
  • improve posture
  • restore bladder and bowel function
  • reduce the risk of lymphedema and osteoporosis
  • facilitate relaxation, healing and reduce stress levels
  • establish an exercise program to prevent long term problems
  • improve your Quality of Life


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