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Pelvic Health for Women

Pelvic Floor Issues

We are here to help women through all life stages - the young woman, the childbearing years, peri and post menopause and after gynaecological, cancer and pelvic floor surgery.

Our highly experienced staff are able to understand your health and what your body needs, so that you can feel better day-to-day and/or make a speedy recovery from surgery. We understand that consulting about pelvic health may be embarrassing for some women but rest assured that our spaces and pelvic floor physios are always comforting and non-judgemental. At Pilates Physio Style, our goal is to support you, make you feel good and have a better understanding of your body.

Our experienced physiotherapists will welcome you with a one-on-one session, which allows us to listen to you and gain a better understanding of your pelvic health. We understand that every person’s body is different, which is why a thorough initial assessment is undertaken to truly understand what your body may need. Your initial assessment may involve an internal examination, or an assessment using real time ultrasound, or both. Our pelvic health physios will be able to guide you to the right program based on your assessment, where you’ll be able to receive the best outcomes for your pelvic health and pelvic floor muscles.

Speaking with the pelvic health physios at Pilates Physio Style, will allow you to receive an incredible understanding of your body and why it may be reacting the way it is. Our pelvic health physios will show you using models and pictures everything you need to know about the health of your pelvis and your pelvic floor. You will usually be given pelvic floor exercises to continue at home between visits, helping you take control and improve your pelvic health symptoms.

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