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Cancer: Why Exercise?

Wonderfully there are now more people surviving a cancer diagnosis, however they are often more at risk of other health complications as well as suffering side effects from the cancer treatments. This includes side effects such as fatigue, depression, deconditioning, reduced quality of life or difficulty participating in work, hobbies and sports.

Exercise Guidelines and Recommendations

The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) released a position statement in May 2018 which recommends:

  • All people diagnosed with cancer should avoid INACTIVITY
  • Exercise should be standard practice in cancer care as a therapy to counteract the adverse side effects of cancer treatments
  • Referral to an accredited exercise physiologist or physiotherapist with experience in cancer care to provide guidance on a suitable exercise program that incorporates:
    • Progressing towards, and then maintaining at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise weekly (such as walking, cycling, swimming)
    • Two to three resistance-based exercise sessions each week (such as Clinical Pilates, weight exercises at home or the gym).
  • Exercise programs should be tailored to the individual’s abilities, needs and with consideration to the type of Cancer and treatment side effects. Your Physiotherapist will work closely with other medical professionals involved in your care, to minimise the risk of complications and maximise benefits.

Our certified PINC Physiotherapists provide care, support and guidance to those affected by cancer through every stage of treatment and recovery.

PINC is a comprehensive cancer rehabilitation certification course provided by PINC & STEEL International. To find out more about PINC & STEEL in Australia follow the link below:


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