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Pelvic Health - Costs

Pelvic floor initial assessment (60 mins - $150)

Assessment of pelvic floor related symptoms including a thorough subjective assessment and objective assessment using real time ultrasound and an internal examination (if appropriate). This includes the assessment of any relevant abdominal separation, pelvic girdle or other musculoskeletal problems.  Advice, treatment, a home programme, and a follow up plan will be devised depending on the findings.

Pelvic floor follow up consultations (30 mins - $90, 45 mins - $110) 

This includes reassessment of relevant findings, progression of treatment and your home programme. Real time ultrasound or an internal examination may not be always necessary each visit.

Post-natal screening (30 mins - $90) 

For women who have had their 6-week check and have no pelvic floor related symptoms or significant abdominal separation but would like to check the function of these muscles with real time ultrasound.  If information from the screening questionnaire, birth history or ultrasound findings suggest a need for further assessment and treatment, a follow up appointment will be recommended. 

Post-natal assessment (45 mins - $120) 

This is highly recommended for women who have had their 6-week check, have no pelvic floor related symptoms, and are keen to return to sport or resistance training.  It includes an ultrasound assessment of pelvic floor function, +/- internal pelvic floor muscle, prolapse assessment (including measurement of the vaginal opening), assessment of the abdominal muscles as well as advice and prescription of home exercises.  If information assessment suggests a need for further assessment and treatment of the pelvic floor, a follow up appointment will be recommended.


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