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Pilates Physio Style

Established in 2004, these highly specialised and personal core stability programmes are conducted by experienced physiotherapists trained in clinical Pilates. They are a safe and effective exercise method that can:
  improve posture and body tone
  improve flexibility and balance
  improve pelvic floor function
  reduce incidence of injury
  strengthen 'tummy' during and post pregnancy
  improve your sports performance, or just your ability to perform everyday activities.
An initial one-on-one consultation and introduction, is followed by a 10 week programme in small groups.
Specialised core stability programmes also for:
  backs and necks
  mums and bubs (crèche)
  mums to be

Health Fund Claimable Pilates Sessions *

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* Claims are made under a physiotherapy individual and group consultation. Claimable amount varies by health fund and policy. Almost all health funds will cover your initial individual assessment and your first few terms. If you are planning to continue these classes as a maintenance or preventative measure, please check that your particular health fund will allow for this.