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Why Choose PPS?

Pilates Physio Style was established in 2004 and is one of Sydney's original physio based Clinical Pilates clinics. We are highly qualified experienced physiotherapists with Master's qualifications in the field of sports and pelvic health.

We have developed an innovative program using a blend of Clinical Pilates exercises and traditional physiotherapy exercises to improve the way you move and hold yourself, halting the cycle of injury and reflecting everyday activities whether that be on the sporting field, at the workplace, home duties, hobbies, or enjoying travel. It aims to bridge the gap between exercise performed in the physiotherapy clinic and the gym setting. Our program suits all ages, and we offer classes for mums to be, mums & bubs, spinal pain, postural problems, shoulder and knee issues, and for anyone who wants to work on improving their movement, prevent injury and get the most out of their body.

Small Groups Exercise Programs

Our expert knowledge of pathology and treatment in conjunction with the most current research has helped to formulate one of the most effective and safe exercise programs, in small groups. Small groups ensure a safe environment with personal attention to allow modification and progression to suit individual needs.

An initial one on one assessment is undertaken to further ensure that you:

  • understand the concepts of the program and are confident in a class environment
  • understand the anatomy and correct activation of the core musculature and other key muscle group
  • can identify your potential postural issues, strengths and weaknesses and any movement dysfunctions that need to be addressed
  • progress in achieving your identified program goals.


Pilates Physio Style offers a range and a variation of floor sessions tailored to match the level and requirements of the group participants. To keep you challenged, and to keep you interested, a different piece of equipment is used in the session each week of the course. Their simple design easily adapts to a variety of techniques enhancing balance, body awareness, correct muscle recruitment patterns, dynamic strengthening and mobilisation of the spine. Each piece of equipment has its own benefits ensuring that your body is worked in many different positions and circumstances, helping to reflect movements we perform in every day life.


9B Green Street
Brookvale NSW 2100


Suite 3, Level 1
28-30 Florence Street
Hornsby NSW 2077


Suite 1 (Seminar room)
The Arena Sports Centre
A30 Western Avenue
Camperdown 2006

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