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10  week term - ALL CLASSES
  1. 1 x session / week
  2. 1 x session / week (Worker's Comp / Third Party)
  3. 1 x session / week (FAMILY / Couple per person)
  4. 2 sessions a week
  5. 1 x session / week (Sydney Uni Access Member)
Créche fees
  1. 1 child x 10 weeks
  2. 2 children x 10 weeks
Term Fee (Other)
Commencing midway through term, holiday classes etc. Please enter your amount below e.g. $255 , enter 255.00
Initial Consultation Pilates
  1. Private Health Funds
  2. Worker's Comp / Third Party
  3. SU Sports Scholarship
Initial Consultation for Pelvic floor / Womens Health
Includes real time ultrasound
Follow Up Consultation
  1. 30 minute consultation
  2. 60 minute consultation
Private / Duet Equipment Sessions
  1. 60 min private
  2. 30 min private
  3. 60 min duet
# of classes
Private / Duet Equipment Sessions 10 pack Discount
  1. 60 min private x 10
  2. 30 min private x 10
  3. 60 min duet x 10
Sydney Uni Scholarship 10 pack
Real Time Ultrasound Assessment

XR Slide

Stacks Image 480270
Comes in a pair. Portable, durable and lightweight! Gliding exercises work multiple muscles while also improving core stabilisation.

Balance Block

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Made out of of soft foam. Ideal for balance, rehabilitation and coordination protocols.

Small Ball DVD - NEW

Swiss Ball DVD - Pilates Physio Style
This is Trish and Lorraine’s latest release. The small ball DVD is suitable for the beginner and for those at advanced levels.

The small ball is a general all over body work out. In addition to activating the inner thigh muscles, squeezing the ball between the legs has the carry-over effect of recruiting the deep abdominal and the pelvic floor muscles. Grasping the ball while performing exercises for the upper back, arms and shoulders works the deep muscles of the shoulder joint, and maintains shoulder girdle stability. Included are advanced exercises that attack the more global muscles such as the gluts and superficial abdominals.

A soft small ball can be purchased from some of the large stores e.g. Big W and K-Mart.

Swiss Ball DVD

Swiss Ball - Pilates Physio Style
Swiss Ball DVD - Pilates Physio Style
This is Trish and Lorraine's November 2013 release.

The DVD incorporates the Swiss Ball into an hour long session, including the exercises you know and love from class and some new ones to challenge your body and control.

Floor Class inc Circle Bands DVD

Circle Bands - Pilates Physio Style
Circle Bands DVD - Pilates Physio Style
Trish and Lorraine's first DVD release. (December 2011)

This has been a very popular amongst all our clients regardless of skill level.

The DVD includes all the basic exercises and the advanced versions for those who are able to manage more advanced levels.

You can choose to incorporate the band or just follow the DVD as you would a normal mat class.

  • Black - heavy
  • Blue - moderate

Foam Roller DVD

Foam Roller - Pilates Physio Style
Foam Roller DVD - Pilates Physio Style
This is Trish and Lorraine's second release. (November 2012)

The DVD incorporates the foam roller throughout the 7 sections:

Warm up (6 mins), Old Favourites (30 mins), Abs & Flexion Ex's ( 10 ins), Butt and Back Ex's (16 mins), Standing Ex's (10 mins), Advanced Section (6 mins), and Massage Section (8 mins)

Bolt Bands

Bolt Bands - Pilates Physio Style
Available in 2 colours and come with snap hook for attaching to wall.
  • Blue and Black
  • Silver and Black

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands - Pilates Physio Style
Available in 2 colours with handles.
  • Blue and Black
  • Silver and Black

Small Circle Bands

Circle Bands - Pilates Physio Style
Available in 2 grades of resistance
  • Black - heavy
  • Blue - moderate

Foam Roller

Foam Roller - Pilates Physio Style
  • High Density Foam
  • 15cm Diameter
  • 91cm Length

Swiss Ball

Swiss Ball - Pilates Physio Style
Available in:
  • 55cm - recommended height < 5'8" (173 cm)
  • 65cm - recommended height > 5'8" (173 cm)

Womens Waterworks Book

Womens Waterworks: Curing Incontinence
by Dr Pauline Chiarelli

Womens Waterworks is an easily read yet comprehensive guide to combating symptoms of incontinence. Fifty seven pages include the following chapters:

  • Introducing Womens Waterworks
  • What we've got and how it works
  • The multifunctional pelvic floor
  • The rise and fall of the pelvic floor
  • Not only but also
  • Testing, testing
  • Taking things into your own hands
  • Getting to the crux of the matter
  • Pelvic floor exercises - bells and whistles
  • Special hints for special people
  • Prevention is better than cure

Express Postage for DVD or DVD + bands