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Frequently Asked Questions

We ask you to register online using the New Registration Form. This process ensures that we have your correct contact details, preferred class choices and availability on record, and your health fund details for receipting purposes.

Registration is a very easy procedure, where you complete your personal details, choose your top 3 preferences for class times, and state your availability for the initial one on one.

We will then contact you after we receive the online registration as soon as we can, to organise your initial consultation and confirm your class times.

Yes, you are covered under the physiotherapy schedule of your private health fund. Rebates vary, according to each health fund, your level of cover, and the number of claims you have made. We recommend you talk to your fund about your physiotherapy extras cover, and the level of rebate you will receive.

The code/s to quote your health fund are:

  • 500 for your initial consultation, and
  • 505 if you require a ½ hour one on one follow up consultation
  • 560 for the small group sessions
  • 561 for HCF members in small group sessions

After payment of the initial consultation you will be given a receipt that allows you to claim immediately.

Once you have paid for the classes we will then issue you with a receipt via email, after the last class of term. There will be two emails, firstly an invoice showing the total amount paid, and secondly an itemised list of classes you have attended showing attendance dates, provider numbers and item code. You will need both to process your claim.

Note: Health insurance companies will not rebate for future services hence we will not provide you with the receipt, unless you request us to do so, before the end of term

We do not offer HICAPS as we do not have a receptionist in attendance and the time taken for this process would significantly disrupt the sessions.

We understand that you will not always be able to make your scheduled session, and subject to availability, a limit of 2 make up sessions per term can be rescheduled. If further make ups are required please discuss this with Trish or Lorraine.

If possible please organise your ‘make up’ in class time with your physio. Hornsby does also offer two make up sessions per term on a Saturday.

  If unable to organise a make up in class time, please text or email us at least 2 hours before your scheduled session in the following format:


Please remember the attendance folder remains at the studio and therefore cannot be referred to out of class time, so a reply will not always be immediate.

Make up sessions cannot be offered to those that do not give advance notice and under NO circumstances are make ups to be carried over to the next term.

Contact details are:
Brookvale sessions
Email: lorraine@pilatesphysiostyle.com
Text: 0405 551750

Hornsby and Sydney University sessions
Email: trish@pilatesphysiostyle.com
Text: 0410 531451

If you have pain after a session that lasts more than 24 hours or is severe, please contact us immediately. If the pain is mild and goes away after a couple of days please let your Physio know when you arrive for your next session. We may need to modify some of the exercises for you, or see you for a follow up one on one consultation, to address the aggravating factors.

PPS delivers a progressive graded exercise program that gradually intensifies and changes each week. To deliver the safest and most effective service, our physiotherapists gets to know the class they teach, and what each individual’s specific needs are in your small group. This is very different to a casual exercise class, where class sizes are large and your individual issues or contraindications are not taken into account during the delivery of the class.

It is not necessary to wear gym gear, but we would like you to wear something that is comfortable for you to move in, however not so loose that we are unable to see your shape and “what’s going on under there” to ensure that you are doing the exercise correctly.

All sessions are one hour in duration.

All our claimable classes are run by physiotherapists that are fully qualified and registered with the Australian Physiotherapy Registration Board. They have ‘hands on’ clinical experience treating musculoskeletal problems, and are trained in clinical Pilates.

At the time of your initial consultation you will be given a small home programme specific to your needs. This should be done at least daily, and can be revised if necessary in a follow up one on one session, or just by working and progressing the exercises under supervision in group. We will also give you strategies and ideas that you will be able to practice at home in your everyday life. Our aim is to change your everyday habits, so frequent correction of poor postural habits throughout the day is the most successful way of achieving a long-term change.

No. You do not need a referral to see us or to claim from your private health insurance. We are always happy to receive a referral from your GP or treating health professional regarding your condition.

If you are making a WorkCover claim or a Department of Veterans Affairs claim then a GP’s/specialist referral is required and approval from your insurer is needed prior to commencing our programme.

Yes for sure! Any relevant investigations or scans will help us understand your condition better. Even if you just have the reports from scans they will be very helpful. Likewise any notes from other therapists or doctors would be great. If you don’t have anything then don’t worry just bring yourself.

We ask that you pay for your initial physio consultation via Eftpos or cash at the time of service
Physio classes can be paid for at the time of your initial consultation using Eftpos, or via our online credit card facility (Paypal) or via direct deposit.

If you have an approved claim for a WorkCover injury then we will bill your insurer.


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