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Lower Back Rehab

Whether it’s from an old injury, poor posture, or age – the team at Physio Pilates Style assist everyone to combat lower back issues through one on one low back rehab and classes. The spine is arguably the most important structure in your body, so, it should be well looked after.

By partaking in low back rehab, you’ll work with our skilled physiotherapists either on a one to one basis or in small classes. Even in a low back rehab class situation individual attention will be given to you, and when required modifications will be made which are specific to you. These exercises will provide relief and positive change to the affected areas and aim to relieve your low back pain and improve your function. In the future, if the pain returns, you will have gained a better understanding of your back and how to control it, minimising its impact.

We encourage all of our clients to seek out our highly experienced physiotherapists if there are ‘bumps in the road’, allowing us to adjust your exercises during the low back rehab classes and/or provide hands on treatment. We understand how difficult this process can be, especially when you’re in pain, but our qualified and experienced staff will be able to guide you through your journey until you reach your goals. Our classes are designed to enable you to feel relaxed while improving your health concerns at the same time.

The Benefits of Lower Back Rehab:

  • Improves pain and prevents further episodes
  • Strengthens the muscles of your core and low back, which increase spinal stability
  • Strengthens the larger global muscles to provide good movement patterns reducing the load on the spine
  • Increases your ability to complete daily activities with ease
  • Prevents muscle tightness and spasm

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