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Core Strengthening Classes

Think of your core muscles as a packaging system that supports your low back - the link that connects your upper and lower body. Everyday activities such as bringing in the groceries or mopping the floor use your core muscles. Every action your body undertakes will travel up and down the links on this chain, and thus, poor activation of the core muscles impair the functionality of your arms and legs. At Pilates Physio Style, our goal is to help you develop your core control through our core strengthening classes.

Our highly experienced physiotherapists can help you improve your core activation allowing your core muscles to become ‘stronger’. This provides more stability and support to your spine, helping prevent injuries, allowing better movement throughout your body, and even improving your balance. By participating in core strengthening rehab classes, you will be able to regain that ‘automatic’ activation required of your core and strengthen movement generally throughout your body. Core exercises can train the muscles in your body to work in harmony with each other, leading to better stability, power and balance in both every day and athletic activities.

At Pilates Physio Style, our dedicated physiotherapists will initially see you for a one on one consultation to both thoroughly assess your movement patterns- your strengths and weaknesses, and to help you gain a full understanding of your body and ensure you know how to optimally engage your core and global muscles giving you confidence that you are ‘doing it right’ in the core strengthening classes. We can even use real time ultrasound as a training tool so you can see your abdominals working underneath the skin. Not only will you leave our sessions feeling positive, but empowered to get stronger and healthier. With the help from our physiotherapists, our core strengthening rehab services allow for a quick recovery and the ability to quickly return to your normal life after an injury, surgery, pregnancy, or that ‘out of nowhere’ problem.

We can help with problems related to:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Poor balance
  • Poor posture
  • Pelvis and hip dysfunction
  • Lower limb and upper limb injuries
  • Pelvic floor problems
  • Abdominal strength/DRA
  • General weakness

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