Lorraine Starsmeare

Post Grad Cert (Continence and Women’s Health)

Lorraine Starsmeare - Physio Pilates Style
Lorraine graduated as a Physiotherapist from Cumberland College of Health Sciences, University of Sydney in 1991. Since then she has had more than20 years of international experience in the U.S.A, UK and Australia. Lorraine initially worked as a physiotherapist in sports and rehabilitation settings, then later in her career specialising in occupational physiotherapy and ergonomics, and the treatment of work related musculoskeletal conditions.

She has been extensively involved with; the development, implementation and delivery of injury prevention and ergonomic programmes in the workplace; the presentation of educational programs including ante & post natal classes; lectures on behalf of the Dept of Sport, Recreation and Racing; and OH&S training for industry and childcare. She gained registration with The Australian Fitness Accreditation Council in 1994 and conducted aerobics, aqua fitness, and individual fitness and rehabilitation programs.

Lorraine has completed all levels of the Australian Physiotherapy Association accredited, Clinical Pilates course, and continues to build on her knowledge through her teaching experience and attending courses held by leading clinicians from around the world. She had incorporated Clinical Pilates into her hands-on physiotherapy treatment of musculoskeletal problems for many years; and since 2004 partnered with Trish to successfully develop and grow Pilates Physio Style, specializing in exercise physiotherapy on a one on one basis, and class environment.

Lorraine enjoys and gains so much satisfaction from the client who has struggled to find an answer to their musculoskeletal problems, but is determined through hard work and will power to make a positive change to their lives!

Lorraine is also a mother of 2, and outside of working in the business enjoys tennis, running and spending quality time with family and friends.