Julie Haworth

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Julie ‘discovered’ yoga almost 20 years ago in response to a health-crisis. Julie found that no matter how she felt going into a yoga class, she always came out feeling great and those results lasted throughout the day. This was a new experience for Julie and she has studied, practiced and/or taught yoga ever since.

Julie completed her formal training through the 3-year Diploma of Health (Yoga) in 2002 at Naturecare College in Sydney. She has also completed a Diploma of Holistic Counselling, which beautifully supports her yoga teaching.

Prior to the birth of her own 2 children, Julie had extensive prenatal experience supporting 100’s of women in their pregnancy journey to build strength and flexibility in the body, calmness in the mind and a lightness of spirit. The feedback Julie gets from her students confirms the benefits of her caring and nurturing approach.

Julie’s style of yoga is dynamic and flowing with an emphasis on moving with the breath and can cater to all levels from beginners to those with some yoga experience. She is passionate about nurturing the relaxation response to counter the ever-increasing levels of stress and anxiety that seem to be such a feature of modern life.