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Physiotherapy Pilates Classes
Over the last decade or more significant medical research has been conducted which supports the importance of a CORE STABILITY program in the management of people with low back pain. It is well accepted that poor functioning of the deep trunk musculature in everyday activities can lead to low back pain.

The presence of pain further inhibits the deep stabilising muscles which can only be rectified by the implementation of a core stability program, aimed at re-training these deep trunk muscles. It is a common mistake of many training programs to concentrate on the mobilising muscles rather than the stabilising ones, reinforcing the incorrect and potentially pain provoking movement patterns.

With the focus being more on control of muscle activity than the traditional strengthening methods, a "new" approach had to be taken to satisfy the research evidence. With Pilates focusing on muscle control, under various loads, while in potentially unstable positions, it has many of the right building blocks to meet the above criteria, however it needed refinement to improve its safety and validity in stability training.This "new" scientific approach to Pilates, known as Clinical Pilates, has been developed by Australian physiotherapists over the last decade to reflect the latest research evidence in core stability training. Clinical Pilates is now being recognised and adopted worldwide.

Pilates Physio Style has developed an innovative program using a blend of Clinical Pilates exercises, and traditional physiotherapy exercises, to improve the effectiveness of the program. It aims to bridge the gap between exercise performed in the physiotherapy clinic and the gym setting.

We incorporate into a floor programme the use of large and small balls, band, and foam rollers to further challenge your stability, and improve the variety of exercises within the programme. Our program suits all ages, and we offer classes specifically for Mum's to be, Mum's & Bubs, low back pain, neck pain/postural problems, athletes, and for anyone who wants to work on improving their core stability and getting the most out of their body.